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SubscriberMail by Harland Clarke Digital

Dynamic Content

Our dynamic content feature is a simple and powerful way to deliver highly relevant content and to manage email campaigns with many content variables.
Dynamic content for email marketing Create one message with dynamic content, and deliver unlimited variations of that message based upon attributes you assign to each piece of content. This process enables a true "who gets what" scenario to unfold in your email marketing efforts.

Dynamic Content provides extreme flexibility for personalizing content to a recipient based upon:
  • A recipient's personal data (state, type, status, etc.)
  • Past purchases
  • Historic email activity (opens, clicks, forwards, etc.)
  • Any other data you may have about the recipient
Use Dynamic Content to engage subscribers with content that targets their specific interests, or relates to their personal wants and needs. Some examples are:
  • Location-specific updates
  • Images or graphics based on personal data
  • Cross-sell offers based on previous purchases
  • Offers based on past email responses