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SubscriberMail by Harland Clarke Digital

Automated Email

Automated messages can add a powerful new layer of communication to your email program, in addition to making it more efficient.
Automated email marketing With dynamic filters applied to your subscriber base, these campaigns can be set up to deploy on an intervallic basis to those members of your audience that meet a specific criteria.

Triggers and Recurring Campaigns can be used to:
  • Send reminders to new email subscribers who have not yet confirmed via double opt-in
  • Follow-up with recipients who clicked a specific link(s) in a prior message
  • Suggest complementary product offerings to recipients based on a prior purchase
  • Send a series of welcome messages to new customers or new account holders
  • Send automated follow-up emails based on data gathered through online forms and surveys
  • And more...
Contact Harland Clarke Digital to learn more about how Triggers and Recurring Campaigns can be put to use in your email program.