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Email Archiving

Compliance — not a good place to be taking shortcuts. Ask the financial institutions who have been penalized with millions of dollars in avoidable fines.

You might think you’re compliant now, but can you afford not to be completely sure?

SM:Vault is a powerful email archiving and compliance solution designed to work in conjunction with the SubscriberMail® email marketing platform. Using SM:Vault, organizations can retrieve previously sent marketing emails with certainty that they are viewing an exact copy of what was sent on the date in question. And retrieving those messages is a snap, with subject lines, recipients and message body keywords all indexed for quick, date-range-based search queries.

SM:Vault is also perfect for distributed marketing organizations, allowing emails from various business units to funnel into a single location for easy retrieval. Where manual archiving processes are susceptible to human error or manipulation, the automated SM:Vault system never misses a message, and locks down every last one of them.

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If you think you might need SM:Vault, you might need it more than you realize.

SM:Vault is airtight, so you can breathe easy.