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SubscriberMail by Harland Clarke Digital


SubscriberMail offers many ways to connect your email marketing campaigns with your other existing sales and marketing tools. Using our open API to integrate with existing technology results in real-world approaches to synchronizing data across platforms.

What is an API?:
API stands for Application Programming Interface. The SubscriberMail API allows for outside systems to have a very well defined protocol by which they can access SubscriberMail's system functionality. It allows SubscriberMail to provide functionality and pieces of our application and/or architecture in a secure manner, as well as shields the outside user from any unnecessary complexity.

It also allows for outside programmers to implement their own workflow, and tap into the SubscriberMail functionality when appropriate. This can make for very seamless technology solutions- sometimes where the end user is not even aware they are using SubscriberMail technology.

The technology:
Our API has been implemented using XML and the SOAP (Simple Object Access) Protocol. This is a widely used protocol for web services and APIs. 

Any platform with SOAP libraries can access the API (Java, PHP, Perl, ColdFusion, .NET, Python, etc.) Most, if not all, programming languages have some level of SOAP functionality available.

The functionality:
Recipient management (list and email address), message management (creation/scheduling) and statistical information (bounces, unsubscribe information, opens) is all available in the SubscriberMail API.

Web Analytics Integration
SubscriberMail integrates with and partners with a variety of web analytics providers.

Contact us to learn more about our flexible integration.