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Content Generation

Users of Harland Clarke Digital’s SubscriberMail® email marketing platform have all the tools at their disposal to manage effective email campaigns, but too often the time needed to actually create the content for those campaigns is in short supply.

Recognizing this need, Harland Clarke Digital developed ContentBase™ — a library of searchable, financially-focused content available right inside the SubscriberMail interface.

Search it — Select it — Send it--->

It doesn’t get much more efficient than that.

These professionally-written articles will reflect positively on your organization, while the depth of ContentBase makes it easy to deliver a variety of content that is uniquely suited to each segment of your audience. From consumer protection to financial ABCs to senior concerns, there is a wealth of valuable information just waiting to be shared with your email recipients. Make your job easier, and make your emails better, with ContentBase.

Get educated about ContentBase — contact Harland Clarke Digital today.