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Role Management

SM: Enterprise enables you to assign varying levels of control, empowerment, efficiency and perspective to any user or group. Leverage the power of email communication at every touch point.
SM:Enterprise offers a unique, hierarchical account structure that makes it easy to distribute content across multiple business units for use in email messaging. A similar hierarchy can also be applied to users of SM:Enterprise, granting or restricting access to specific elements of the system to mitigate risk and establish ownership to each stage of the process.

Examples of role management:
  • Authors who can create/edit/test, but not deploy messages
  • Approvers who can view messages and schedule for deployment
  • List Managers who control the import/export of subscribers as well as audience segmentation
  • Reports-only users who have access to all message engagement metrics for ROI analysis
  • Administrators who have no restrictions and can modify the rights of non-Administrators

If the management of an email program across your entire enterprise sounds like a complex undertaking, that's because it is.

If SM:Enterprise sounds like the type of sophisticated system needed to handle such a program...that's because it is.

SubscriberMail user role management