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Content Sharing

Email content sharingLeveraging email marketing across an enterprise requires control and compliance to ensure brand integrity, along with the flexibility to allow localized messaging.

SM:Enterprise unifies your email efforts into one streamlined approach. Participants can share content, not constantly needing to recreate it, with top-level accounts creating content and sharing it into sub-accounts in a locked-down format. You can standardize usage of approved images, logos and other media. Update any piece of content just once across the network, in real time.

With individuals, business units, sales reps, and remote offices independently generating email messages and promoting your brand at every level, you need a reliable solution.

SM:Enterprise provides all the tools necessary to effectively manage email content across even the largest network of individuals, distributors and groups. Content may be shared or locked, according to organizational protocol, at any level. You can measure actual usage of individual components at any time.