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SubscriberMail by Harland Clarke Digital

Strategic Consulting

SubscriberMail is ready to assist you with every aspect of designing an effective email campaign—from creative testing and development, subject line analysis, best practices implementation, and message evaluation—with each option offered on a customized, as-needed basis.

SubscriberMail provides an array of strategic services, such as:
  • Comprehensive Online Marketing Program Assessment (COMPASS)
  • API Integration
  • Competitive landscape analysis
  • Digital Reputation Monitoring
  • Coupon program development
  • Predictive modeling
  • Trend analysis
  • Email Marketing Strategy Development
The difference between strategic and non-strategic email marketing comes down to one simple truth: not every customer is alike.

While many marketers value the ability to instantly communicate a message to an audience of thousands, the most effective use of email is through narrowcasting. That means crafting targeted messages and directing them to a specific audience. By doing so, you'll be harnessing the true power of email marketing, and using it as the superb customer acquisition and relationship-building tool it can be.

SubscriberMail can assist you with key aspects of successful email marketing, including:
  • Automated campaigns
  • Customer acquisition, activation and retention
  • Cross-selling/upselling
  • Event triggers
  • Loyalty building
  • Predictive modeling
  • Segmentation
Strategic Consulting
Do you find yourself "hoping" for results?
Strategic consulting engagements with Harland Clarke Digital will have you marketing with confidence!