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Managed Campaigns

Email Campaign Management

Email marketing's reputation as an effective online channel was earned through the success of strategically-planned programs and well-executed campaigns. The "quick and easy" approach? That's a surefire way to miss out on valuable opportunities.

Harland Clarke Digital's Managed Services take this responsibility off of your plate and places it squarely on our shoulders. With a team of email experts managing your program, yesterday's missed opportunities can become tomorrow's success stories.

Or, if you're comfortable managing "A through F" but could use a little help with "G through Z", collaborative partnership models are also available.

In whatever capacity, a team of email marketing experts is never a bad thing to have on your side!

In addition to Full-Service engagements, SubscriberMail offers Managed Services including:

  • Testing & Analysis
  • List Management
  • Campaign Deployment
  • Reporting/Recommendations