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Email creative review

As a premier email marketing service provider, Harland Clarke Digital analyzes thousands of emails every year. We’ve developed a thorough understanding of what works – and what doesn’t – with email marketing.

Our unique EmailCOMPASS program identifies 75 elements in 20 critical categories - including message architecture, creative execution, engagement, and optimization – that determine email campaign success. Simply relying on a metrics analysis isn’t enough to create the most effective mailings.

The COMPASS Advantage

With COMPASS, your business receives the complete picture you need to grasp what’s happening with your email campaigns, and learn how to improve them. Our comprehensive, easy-to-understand report contains nine pages of essential information, including industry benchmark comparisons and a detailed breakdown that will:

  • Pinpoint weaknesses that cause your messages to underperform – and show you how to fix them quickly
  • Demonstrate how to increase your response rates – and maximize conversions
  • Identify your areas of strength – and illustrate how to optimize them for greater success
  • Reveal how to dramatically boost your reader engagement and click-throughs
  • Recognize possible CAN-SPAM violations before they jeopardize your business - and tell you what steps to take to correct them
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